Financial Aid for Teachers

Disclaimer:  The laws, rules, regulations, award amounts, amount of awardees, eligibility criteria, funding per program, etc., are subject to change at any point prior to, during, or after application through the YOUniversal application. These changes will be based on changes in law or funding provided by the Arkansas General Assembly. It is understood that ADHE is not at fault for any changes that occur to any financial aid program. In addition, awards for all ADHE programs are limited by the availability of funds.

State Teacher Education Program (STEP)

STEP is a loan repayment program that offers yearly loan repayment grants to current educators teaching in a subject or geographic shortage area in an Arkansas public school. Teachers must reapply each year and are eligible for up to three years.

Deadline to Apply: June 1
Requirements: Graduated after April 1, 2004; Teaching in a Geographic or Subject Shortage Area.
Documents Required: College Transcript with Graduation Date; Lender Payment Information.
Award Amount: Up to $4,000 per year paid directly to lender.

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Teacher Opportunity Program (TOP)

TOP offers reimbursement grants to current Arkansas teachers and administrators seeking to further their education. Teachers and administrators may apply for reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses paid for up to six (6) college credit hours completed for an academic year, not to exceed $3,000.

Deadline to Apply: June 1
Documents Required: College Transcript and Itemized receipt from college or university.
Award Amount: Up to $3,000 per year reimbursed to applicant.

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State Teacher Assistance Resource (STAR)

This program has been discontinued.

If you were previously awarded STAR and have questions about your account, you may contact financial aid at